Oxy-gas burner

Oxy-gas burners are usually built by major gas producers and reserved for the end-users of their products

This present practice restricts investors in their choice of gas supplier.
For this reason Dross Engineering has developed their own oxy-gas burner adapted to suit their range of Tilting Rotary Furnaces.
In addition to the burner and skid, Dross Engineering has designed a combustion control system to match (Patent Pending).
Dross Engineering’s position has been recognized by one of the largest, if not the largest, oxygen producer in the World.

 Built in stainless steel
 electric ignition
 Flame supervision by UV cell or ionization
 High fire - low fire.

Dross Engineering has built an oxy-gaz burner developed for use in Tilting Rotary Furnaces and managed by a patented combustion control system called Vari-gas. This system enables TRF to have the owest energy consumption per tonne of metal produced.

Type :
B1000 - rating 1000 kw
B3000 - rating 3000 kw