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  • Battery recycling

    2021: news:
    Automatic charge preparation and feeding

    Rotary tilting furnace:
    With the new model you can cast the metal by gravity directly in kettle or big mould.
    Improved metal yield and slag with a minimum of lead.

    Recycling starter batteries
    Dross engineering has developed an economical system that can handle 20 tons of batteries with 4 people per station of 8 hours.
    The unit includes a saw perforator to recover the acid and cut off the head of the battery.
    The battery is emptied, the head and the tank are thrown in a hydro separator crusher.
    At the end of one side polypropylene, at the other lead terminals.
    Grids and terminals are melted in a tilting rotary furnace.
    The metal is poured into large ingots from 1000 to 2000 kg.
    The system produces lead. The unit is completed by a dust collector.
    The set meets the requirements of the environment is offered at a very low price return on investment is less than 12 months.
    2021 Dross delivered its 23st Grinding Line.
    Our range which, we recall, ranges from 2.5t / h to 25t / h.

    In 2019 the range of dust collectors specially designed for the recycling of lead built by Dross has increased by one unit because now we can deliver 80,000Nm3.
    All its novelties are the fruits of 49 years of service and listening to the profession of recycling non-ferrous metals .

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  • Aluminium

    To complete our range of (10) TRF from 100 liters for the junior to the giant 20m3, we developed and put into service in 2016 a fusion / maintenance set designed to treat complete engines.
    The rotation of the furnace makes it possible to very well separate the aluminium from the steel parts.
    The recovered aluminium is of very good quality with an iron content compatible with aluminium alloys for die smelting under pressure.
    The fumes leaving the rotary are directed into the holding furnace and also to a post combustion.
    The fumes of the rotary are burned and recover energy for the maintenance of aluminium.
    The installation is completed by a casting chain.
    The maximum production of aluminium ingot is 450 t / month in 3 positions, it takes two operators per station.
    The gas consumption is 65 m3 gas per ton charged.
    At the time of writing this communication (25/07/2019) the refractory lining is original.

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  • Zinc

    Dross engineering has for decades collaborated with the largest producers of recycled zinc alloys (dross, matte, roofing sheets and gutters, even tarred) re-melting weights and foundry cores....

    Dross also manufactures furnaces to produce zinc oxides and pumps for zinc alloys.

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  • Copper

    2019 rich in novelties:

    A rotary furnace for the recycling of copper, dirt and other wastes.
    The proposed unit includes a loader, an 8-tons furnace and an automatic mould .

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