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The TILTING ROTARY FURNACE says TRF is the best furnace of the moment :
Lowest energy consumption.
Highest productivity.
Most important metal yield.
TRF manufactured by Dross Engineering have important patented technical advantages :
• VARYGAZ heating and management equipment.
• ROTAX system rotation drive.
• Automatic thermal expansion compensator.
• Gravity casting by automatic tap-out.

Tilting rotary furnaces built by Dross Engineering have been studied for the recycling of aluminium, lead, zinc, copper, tin, in the form of various scrap, bulk, crushed, shot, chips, slag, oxides .
Rotary furnaces can also melt ingots and foundry weights.
The operating temperature varies according to the products to be treated : from 600 to 1200 ° C maximum.
Schematically, the furnace is constituted by a shell placed on a frame provided with rollers ensuring the rotation.
On the front : a pivoting door on which the burner and the chimney are installed
The opening of the door is done according to the models (manual or mechanical)
The complete emptying is done by tilting the furnace.
The furnace shell is constructed of heavy gauge steel sheet, continuously rolled and welded to form a robust one-piece assembly to prevent deformation.
On the shell is fixed the raceway. (Bandage).
This steel bandage has been treated for a strength of 75 to 85 kg / mm2 (24Hrc)
The rotation of the furnace is done by a geared motor.
The furnace rotates on steel rollers, machined and treated, resistance : 55 Hrc
The shafts are made of medium hard steel and supported by single-row roller bearings.
The rotation speed of the furnace is adjustable by an electronic speed drive
The shell is placed on the mobile frame on which is fixed the drive assembly (rollers and gear motor).
Bearing supports are machined.
The furnace is closed by a door made of thick welded steel, supporting the burner and the fume outlet, it pivots easily by completely clearing the entrance of the furnace for easy loading.
The design of the door allows the installation of loader, ladle, bin, etc. without any difficulty.
The furnace is equipped with a burner built by Dross Engineering designed according to European standards using gas.
Our burners are designed to be doped with oxygen (process developed by Dross Engineering).
The furnace can be equipped with oil burner (industrial burner not built by Dross Engineering).
The electrical equipment of the furnace as standard will comply with European regulations but the furnace can be delivered with electrical equipment that meets the standards applied in the country of the buyer.
Standard components :
PLC : Siemens.
Variator : Sew Usocome.
Other component : Télémécanique.

The furnace will be made of concrete.
The nature of the concrete is defined by the treated metal.
The life of a refractory also depends on the metal.
Melting and reduction of lead : the lifetime of the refractory will be 12/14 months maximum, plus 3 months if the paste is desulfurized.
The lining of the doors have smaller outfits :
Lead : 2 months.
For copper the duration of the refractory will be as for the lead.
Fusion of aluminium and zinc the lifetime of refractories will be 6 to 8 years
The lifetimes of the refractories are given for information and can not be recognized as a contractual guarantee, the refractory lifetime is related to the nature of the scrape and the method of use of the furnace.
We deliver with the furnace the drawings and the moulds necessary for the installation of the refractories.
The models JUNIOR and MAJOR type 100/150/200 and 300 are delivered with the concrete in place.
The MAJOR 500 and 700 as well as all SENIOR models are delivered with refractory apart, filling being done at the buyer’s.

Hydraulic equipment

The furnace comes with a hydraulic unit comprising :
• 1 steel tank equipped with :
o 1 removable cover.
o 1 internal settling wall.
o 1 rod thermostat range 0/100 ° C mounted in a protective sleeve.
o 1 low level electrical contactor.
o 1 level indicator with thermometer
o 1 breather cap with pre-fill filter.
o 1 drain cock with cap.
o 1 absolute return filter 10  with bypass and electrical clogging indicator.
o 1 raised retention tank mounted under the central unit and equipped with a drain plug.
o 1 electric pump unit comprising :
o 1 gear pump.
o 1 electric motor 1500 rpm-IP 55 Aluminium frame B1-tri 400 V 50 Hz or other.
o 1 elastic coupling.
o 1 lantern link.
o 1 manometer diameter 63 glycerine 0/160 bar.
o 1 manometer isolation valve.
o 2 G ½ ’’ valves.
o 1 distribution block at 2 NG6 stations, equipped with :
o 1 distributor - 3 positions, 2 coils 24 V DC, to control the tilt cylinders.
o 2 adjustable flow limiters.
o 1 adjustable pressure limiter.
The tilting of the furnace is ensured by 2 single acting cylinders.
Hard chrome plated rod. 0,025.
2 power supplies.
The cylinders are equipped with parachute valve.
Max. Operating pressure : 200 bars.
Normal operating power : 150 bar.

Dross Engineering offers 3 ranges of TRF that can be used for all non-ferrous metals.

Dross Junior
Small furnace for research or laboratory.
Capacity of 100 and 200 liters.
It makes it possible to develop alloys, to make yields.

Dross Major
Production furnace of 1m3-2m3-3m3-5m3-7m3.

Dross Senior
Large production furnace of 9m3-11m3-15m3-20m3.
The senior series is intended for the fusion of aluminium.