Dross Engineering builds pumps for:
Liquid Lead.
Liquid Tin.
Liquid Zinc.
Waste water.

The pumps are fitted with electronic variable speed controls.

Dross Engineering has developed extremely robust ‘seal free’ – non-blocking pumps designed to circulate sulphuric acid contaminated water.

These particular pumps are designed to be used in Dross Engineering’s battery breaking and separation plants.

Dross Engineering builds pumps for liquid lead, zinc and also for highly corrosive liquids such as automotive battery electrolyte.

These particular pumps and designed to allow a passage for pieces of polypropylene 20 x 20 mm.

Pumps for lead are manufactured in steel or cast iron depending on the model.

Zinc pumps are built from special alloy designed to withstand zinc corrosion.

The largest sizes of pump are fitted with twin-speed motors.