Ingot stacking machine

Dross Engineering builds a range on ingot stacking machines that form either single or twin bales.

Production is directly related to ingot weight as the minimum casting time per ingot is 3 seconds irrespective of ingot weight.

Once the ingots reach the ‘knock-out’ station, at the end of the casting machine, the transfer to the stacker conveyor is automated and they undergo a thickness check, any out of range ingot is ejected.
Options include : Ingot marking/identification Bale weighing station & labeling with weight and cast reference Automated bale strapping.

Stackers forming single or twin bales fitted with :
- Ingot thickness check.
- Out of range ejector.
- Ingot alignment.
- Ingot switcher.
- ingot marking.
- Bale weigh station.
- Bale strapping station.

Single Bale : 500 kg à 1200 kg.
Twin Bale : 1000 kg à 1440 kg.
Ingot weight : 7 kg / 25 kg.
Production max : 1 ingot every 3 seconds.