10 years after we built our first starter battery breaker, Dross Engineering continues to develop the technical performance of their equipment in the same way we developed and continue to develop our Tilting Rotary Furnaces.

Breaking and starter battery fraction separation.

Battery recycling begins by breaking the casing and separating the different fractions:
Metallic lead.
Desulfurization of the paste.
Effluent neutralisation.

Built is stainless steel, Dross Engineering supplies robust equipment, fully preassembled and tested before shipment.

Dross Engineering supplies ‘complete’ installations assembled by their own engineers or in partnership with their customer.

The range includes 5 models.

Dross Engineering’s system removes electrolyte from the batteries and, after breaking, classifies the different fractions: Metallics, Paste, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene.